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Home Current Saudi News & Analysis International Women's Day 2010
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The Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, CDHR,

International Women's Day, 2010

CDHR reiterates its unequivocal support for the resilient and courageous Saudi women in their righteous struggle to gain their full rights and place in Saudi society and the right to become contributing citizens of their homeland. CDHR promotes:
•    Removal of the denigrating male guardian system
•    Full employment for women in non-segregated work places
•    Equal access to all public services
•    Equality in education in all fields
•    The right to drive for those who choose to do so
•    Free access to and full representation in the judicial system
•    Full membership in local, regional and national councils
•    Full protection under codified laws as opposed to being subjected to the whims of the sectarian and capricious judicial system.

This is doable and here is how:

Since all decision-making power is in the hands of the king and his senior brothers, King Abdullah can initiate and easily enforce changes by royal decrees. Thus, CDHR proposes that King Abdullah do the following:

Round up his senior brothers, namely Defense Minister Sultan, Interior Minister Naif and the Governor of Riyadh, Salman as well chiefs of major tribes, the Mufti, regional governors, heads of municipalities, notable and respected personalities, their wives, and at least one daughter of each man. Line them all up in front of a large and well-illuminated mural of the holy sites and declare:

•    We, King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz, decree that no one should ever force any woman to drive a car, but those women who wish to drive will be protected, and anyone (male or female) who opposes this decree will be subjected to our well-known swift justice.
•    The same decree is applicable to women’s rights to full employment, freedom to travel, rent an apartment, buy and sell property, open and operate their businesses, attend any school of their choice and be in total control of their finances and all matters related to their health including terminating dangerous pregnancies.
•    Human trafficking, child and forced marriages, honor killings, genital mutilations are inhumane, demeaning, destructive and barbaric; therefore must be eliminated, and violators will be subject to our justice.
•    The Mahram, male guardian system, is unnatural, humiliating, harmful, and incompatible with demands of the 21st century, especially global competition.
•    The disfiguring veil and suffocating black garment, abaya, are not only ugly, but are now threat to all of us because terrorists camouflage themselves as women and inflict death and destruction on us and on others.

Finally, all government agencies and the private sector have one year from this minute to execute and complete all point mentioned above. Delinquents will face the same swift justice as those who oppose our wishes.

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