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Home Current Saudi News & Analysis Al-Azhar Scholars: “Wahhabism: Mortal Enemy of and a Threat to Islam and the World"
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Al-Azhar Scholars: “Wahhabism: Mortal Enemy of and a Threat to Islam and the World”

By Ali Alyami

In an unprecedented conference held on April 25, 2010 in Cairo, Egypt, titled “Wahhabism: Threat to Islam and the World,” a constellation of prominent Muslim scholars and specialists in Islamic movements condemned the Saudi state’s brand of Islam, Wahhabism, as a “mortal threat to Muslims and the world.” The scholars indicted Wahhabism as a mortal threat and “the modern world has not experienced … if it were not for Saudi money and American hypocrisy it would be possible to resist and eliminate Wahhabism. However, America and Saudi Arabia benefit from this perverted idea which is falsely attributed to Islam and is used for terrorism in some cases and blackmail in other cases.”

The scholars went on to say that “… it is a duty to fight this idea (Wahhabism) with all permissible means.” During their deliberation, the high caliber Muslim scholars and specialists from Islam’s oldest and most prestigious institution, Al-Azhar University, said, “Wahhabism, as an idea and a movement, is of the most dangerous enemies of Muslims and the world.” In their research and discussions, the specialists and scholars explained that Wahhabism relies on rejection of the “Other and his thoughts,” and threatens security and peace in the Muslim World. They said that Wahhabism spreads severe criminal and terrorist ideas that propel Muslim youth to commit heinous crimes, inflict havoc among people and destabilize Muslim states and their rulers.

Given the weight and position of the discussants and presenters, the conclusions reached should be heeded by Muslims, especially Saudis, and the West. The only reason the Saudi government spreads its austere brand of Islam is to be able to blackmail anyone at anytime, especially those who may pose a threat to the survival of the Saudi monarchy
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